Around the Globe Music & Arts

Around the Globe Music & Arts

Around the Globe Music & Arts is a non-profit company who aim to advance the development of contemporary music and to support other forms of art in the UK and beyond. We are pursuing our goals through the organisation of performances and other cultural and educational events, open to musicians of all ages and levels, including children, amateurs and adult professionals - festivals, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and lectures.

Around the Globe Music & Arts

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival LeafletThe Company runs annual piano music competitions, destined to promote various musical styles including classical and jazz, with an emphasis on contemporary music from around the world. More info

We believe it is a part of our mission to assist emerging musicians, through the advancement of their musical education and the promotion of pianists, contemporary composers and other artists from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. We would like to bring multicultural diversity to a wider audience through musical arts and to introduce them to a range of musical traditions as well as various styles of late 20/21st century worldwide contemporary piano music. In its way, our Company hopes to contribute to better cultural understanding, social cohesion and sustainable personal and societal development.

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival MagazineIn that spirit, we are actively focusing on organising cultural events including public performances for prize winners and exceptionally talented musicians, thus helping them attain greater prospects for their musical career.

The Company strongly supports social inclusion and equal rights across all of society and will act upon these moral and ethical values.

Our projects are open to innovative artistic minds and all who will support our ideals.

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