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Around the Globe Piano Music Festival

About the festival

6th Annual Piano Competition - AGPMF 2019

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival

Junior & Adult Piano Categories

Saturday 23rd Nov and Sunday 24th Nov 2019

The Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

The Around the Globe Piano Music Festival is an annual competition open to Junior and Adult pianists of various levels, both amateur and professional. As well as traditional and classical music, the festival offers an exclusive syllabus of piano styles including contemporary and jazz piano within global/regional categories. One of the main focuses of this project is to promote contemporary piano composers from all around the world, but who might be less well known in the UK.

Saturday 23rd Nov 2019 from 10am-6pm

Programme includes:
Piano competition for Junior and Adult Advanced Categories
Piano workshop, at 12pm
Easing Tension in Performance
with Marina Petrov

AGPMF juror, pianist and tutor Marina Petrov will give additional comments to participants on different aspects of their performance including psychological, mental, emotional or physical tensions. She will present various techniques to each pianist on how to improve their public performances and enhance their enjoyment whilst playing.

More about Marina Petrov: Marina Petrov - Award winning Pianist, Occupational Piano Injury Specialist, Lecturer & Piano Teacher, Managing Director of Around the Globe Piano Music Festival

Sunday 24th Nov 2019 from 2-6pm

Programme includes:
Piano competition for Junior, Adult Advanced and
Adult Learners Categories
Masterclass, at 5pm
Significantus - a Composer's Response to Climate Breakdown
presented by Lola Perrin

Perrin presents a unique masterclass where she will discuss her Piano Suite IX Significantus, with insights into her thematic inspiration, methodology and the compositional challenges in communicating our existential threat. Extracts from the work will be played by the composer.

More about Lola Perrin:

The popularity and performing standards of this competition rely on its unique focus on educational and performing values. The very detailed written and spoken assessments our adjudicators' give after each performance have garnered widespread acclaim.

Exceptional achievements of an individual or groups will be rewarded with appropriate recognition, including awards and certificates as well as an opportunity to perform at the winners' concert and have the recorded performance materials promoted on social media.

Watch the YouTube video: Winners of the Adults Classes 2016

Watch the YouTube video: Winners of the Junior Classes 2017

History of the piano festival

Marina Petrov and Maya JordanAGPMF was founded in London in 2014 by award winning pianists and renowned pedagogues, Marina Petrov and Maya Jordan. They cooperated for many years on various projects including concerts for students as well as professional musicians and were involved in organising charitable and arts' events. In recent years their sphere of interest extended to present day music styles as they explored composers from different parts of the world. They have presented their works on many occasions in performing publicly in the UK, thus introducing music to the wider audience as well as to their students. The idea was born to create a piano festival with a unique syllabus emphasising the presentation of modern piano music globally.

We always encourage pianists of all ages to perform a new repertoire, which helps further their education and their understanding of diverse musical trends. Our festival is a great platform for emerging artists who can share their musical achievements with others and acquire public performance experience.

We extend a warm welcome to all participants and their supporters!

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