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Please fill in the form below, including your class fees. You can make payment upon receiving a notification from us about your entry's acceptance, which will include AGMA's bank details for payment by a bank transfer.

The cheque payments are also acceptable, sent to AGMA, 11 Fermor Way, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 3BD, UK.

Entries and fees must be received no later than 22 BST, Friday 5th Nov 2021 - Junior participants and 22 BST, Monday 15th Nov 2021 - Adult participants, by post or email.

For the entry for the First Round send unedited and uninterrupted audio-visual file of your piano performance to (larger files can be sent free via WeTransfer).

Please note that poor-quality recordings may result in an application being disqualified.

Organiser reserves the right to not accept an entry due to overbooked timetable or any other sensible reason.

You will be notified about the entry as early as possible.

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Details of person entering participant and responsible for correspondence:

(For participants under 18 years the form should be completed by a Parent, Teacher or Carer).

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