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Diary of forthcoming events

  • The 2021 Around the Globe Online Piano Competition

    Open to Junior and Adult pianists of all nationalities, with no age restrictions.

    Junior & Adult Piano Categories

    The Second Round

    10 BST - 17 BST

    Junior Pianists - Sunday 21st November 2021
    Junior Pianists - Sunday 28th November 2021
    Adult Pianists - Sunday 5th December 2021

    The last Second Round will be presented on the ZOOM Online Social Platform.

    These exciting events will be open to independent viewers and supporters from all around the world!

Previous events

LP Duo: New Classics & Beyond for 2 Hybrid Pianos Concert

Artists: Sonja Loncar, piano & Andrija Pavlovic, piano

Wednesday, 3rd October, 20:00 - 22:00 BST
St John's Church, Waterloo
Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

Co-production with Around the Globe Music & Arts and 8010


Classical Elegance, Jazz Freedom, Rock'n'Roll Power
Carnegie Hall, 2014.

After their debut at Carnegie Hall in New York, LP Duo (Sonja Loncar & Andrija Pavlovic) are coming to London to present specially designed hybrid pianos (UK premiere).These instruments came as a result of a collaboration between LP Duo and quantum physicists from Oxford and Singapore. Hybrids are connecting acoustic pianos with retro-synthesizers and sounds from the quantum laboratories. Music by Adams, Helweg, Perrin, Raickovich, Bozicevic, Meijering and Correa will drive you through the journey of XXI century music where the borders between chamber ensemble and rock band are being erased.


JOHN ADAMS - Hallelujah Junction
WIM MERTENS - Quattre Mains
CHIEL MEIJERING - Rondo & A Still Autumn Day
KIM HELWEG - American Fantasy
IVAN BOZICEVIC - Spring Passes & Sustainable Development
LP DUO - Ostinato for Leonid Sejka

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival Winners' Piano Recital

Saturday, 19th May 2018, at 7 PM
St Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square
London NW1 3PT

The launch of the non-profit company “Around the Globe Music & Arts”

Thursday, 1st February 2018
St Cyprian's Church
Glentworth Street
London NW1 6AX

With a concert production of Contemporary Composers & the Piano

Lola PerrinA non-profit company “Around the Globe Music & Arts” was launched with an extraordinary piano concert featuring performances by composers playing their own piano works in the restrained and beautiful setting of the turn-of-the-century St Cyprian's church, near Baker Street in London.

We much enjoyed hearing many diverse music styles including an authentic and exceptionally musical performance of Lola Perrin's selection of pieces from her opus of piano suites, which bear traits of modern classical styles with emerging jazz elements.

This was followed by UK premiere of the astonishing Shakespeare's Sonnets, composed by Vera Milankovic whose theatre piano music is full of beautiful archaic tunes and harmonies. In addition, a moving recitation by actress Vesna Stanojevic of mainly love sonnets transferred us back in time to a baroque era.

Vera and Vesna

Vera's other performance of a solo piano piece, homage to famous Serbian writer and poet Isidora Sekulic and her Norwegian Letters, was both inspirational and highly praised.

Vera Milankovic

Another UK premiere was a compelling “Jewish Piano Suit” (1989), written by prominent Serbian composer, the late Aleksandar Vujic (1945- 2017). An outstanding performance by renowned pianist Olga Dudnik brought to light the complexity and true conception of the piece using a wide spectrum of tembre, great pianistic artistry and strong emotional charge.

Olga Dudnik


Photos (c) Nenad Obradovic.

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