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April Newsletter 2018

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival
Featured contemporary composers and their piano works 2019

Photo MelanieMelanie Spanswick is a pianist, author, teacher, composer and adjudicator. She has adjudicated at the Around the Globe Piano Festival for the past two years, and her piano compositions are also featured on the Festival’s repertoire lists.

No Words Necessary is a selection of twelve piano pieces for intermediate level, or for students of approximately Grades 3 – 6 standards (of ABRSM, Trinity College London or London College of Music exams). The titles are as follows: Lost in Thought; Inflections; Voices in My Head; Pendulum; Phantom Whisperer; Dancing Through the Daffodils; Walking in the Woods; Beneath; China Doll; Balletic; Tinged with Sadness and Spiralling. The pieces are characteristically tonal, with a nod to Minimalism. The title, No Words Necessary, was inspired by German poet and writer Heinrich Heine (1797 – 1856):

‘Where words leave off, music speaks’

No Words book “I wrote the pieces last year during my stay in Hong Kong, working as an adjudicator for the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Adjudicating is a demanding job, but I frequently enjoyed unusually long lunch breaks of around an hour and a half in length. Adjudicating sessions often took place in splendid theatres with lovely well-tuned grand pianos, so I decided to put this time to good use. Within a few weeks I had written all twelve, albeit scribbled on manuscript paper as opposed to using my Sibelius software!”
Recorded at Moreton Hall School in Shropshire, and at Jaques Samuel pianos in London at the beginning of August, you can hear each piece by clicking here:

The book can be purchased as a hard copy or digital download (either the complete book or each piece separately), here:


Titov Vladimir Titov is a pianist, composer and a winner of many international competitions for compositions. His piano works are again included in this years’ festival repertoire. He is joined with his partner Svetlana Titova, a musicologist, composer and a laurate of international competitions for compositions. They are the founders of INSPIRISM, a new style in academic music for the 21st century.

“The notion ‘Inspirism’ contains numerous overtones and tints which, one way or another, are harmoniously united. One can recall cognate and semantically accordant words “spirit” (soul, mood), ‘to inspirit’ (to inspire, to animate), ‘inspiring’ (invigorating, incentive, spirit-turning), and finally “to enspirit” (to animate, to enliven). Therefore, the esthetic message of the style is a transmission of positive attitude towards the world associated with inspiration, animation, enthusiasm, love for life and striving for the true Design of the Creator experience…. One of the main ideas of ‘Inspirism’ in our understanding, is the true reflection of ‘the beautiful’ category within the creativity, which corresponds to the genuine purpose of all arts, including music.

vladimir_titov_piano_pieces Link to videos:
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For printed edition of Titov’s piano scores go to:



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