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December Newsletter 2018

We would like to express our gratitude to all involved in AGPMF 2018 including our contestants, main adjudicators
Melanie Spanswick & Olga Dudnik and all our supporters.

We much appreciate contributions of contemporary composers such as Lola Perrin, Vera Milanković, Vladimir Titov, Branka Popović and Aleksandar Vujić and the great support of Lindsey Berwin and John Kember. Also special thanks to Markson Pianos for sponsoring the piano played by our many talented performers at the festival including the outstanding Dorina Piano Duo (Alla Levit and Antonina Koleva Lax).

Around the Globe Music & Arts would like to congratulate all the participants and their teachers who have raised the standard of this unique piano competition in all categories.

In addition, we would like to announce
AGPMF 2018 Winners Piano Recital
on Saturday 18th May 2019 at 7 PM
at St Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square, London NW1 3PH.

Once again, thanks to Markson Pianos, our pianists will able to enjoy performing on the stunning Bosendorfer Grand.

winners photo sa logom

November Newsletter 2018

We are overjoyed with the response to our
5th Piano Competition – Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2018
with an outstanding number of entries especially in Junior Categories
many of whom are travelling from different parts of the UK.

The AGPMF 2018 programme has been finalised with the following time table:

10 AM – Junior Categories (Worldwide Contemporary Music)
Lunch Break – 2-3 PM
3 PM – Junior Categories (Short Recitals)
4.45 PM – Adult Categories
7.10 PM – End of the Competition

We are delighted to invite you to our piano festival
on Sunday, 2nd December 2018
that will take place at
The Study Society, East Studio,
(which is the large room on the left as you enter the building),
151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA.

We are looking forward to hearing a variety of different music styles played by talented pianists, both junior and adults. In addition, we are especially excited and privileged to welcome The Darina Piano Duo who are going to perform works by Melanie Spanswick, Lindsey Berwin and Aleksandar Vujić.


The piano duo was established by pianists Antonina Koleva-Lax and Alla Levit-Anderson in 2014 and have performed in London, York and Durham. Its extensive repertoire includes Russian, English, German, French and Balkan composers, notably Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Bizet, Lyadov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rubinstein, Arensky, Stravinsky, Gavrilin and Vujić. The Darina Duo founded the successful concert series Russian Seasons in Paris. English Contemporary composers such as Graham Lynch, Melanie Spanswick, Heather Hammond, Lindsey Berwin have composed music especially for Alla and Antonina.
The forthcoming recitals in 2019 will be held at the Durham Cathedral as well as in York and London.

Darina Duo Dr Antonina Koleva-Lax
Antonina is a piano soloist and a chamber musician performing mainly in NE England. Since settling in the UK in 2005 she has also been teaching extensively at Durham University, the Sage, and is a Music Director of Academia di Musica Amata.
Antonina began her music and piano lessons when she was 7 years old at a local music school in the town of Yambol, Bulgaria. At the age of 16 she moved to Russia to study piano in the city of Tyumen (West Siberia) at the Tyumen Art College where she obtained bachelor’s degree in Piano Performing and Teaching (1987), followed by a master’s degree (1992) from Tyumen State University. In addition, Antonina specialized in Chamber Music with Boris Krein and attended master classes of Chamber Music, Solo Piano Performing and Accompaniment with Isaak Zetel and Valery Samoletov. She also has a PhD in the History of the Russian language and Culture.

Alla Levit-Anderson
Alla is a Russian concert pianist and pedagogue who has settled in England for the last 12 years. She started studying piano at the Special Music School for Gifted Children at St. Petersburg Conservatoire Rimsky-Korsakov, where she continued her studies graduating in piano performance, chamber music, accompaniment and teaching.
Alla performed in the Small and Grand Halls of St. Petersburg Philharmonic and Conservatoire, the Concert Halls of St. Petersburg and Moscow Unions of Composers and in many other places in Russia, Germany, Portugal and the UK. She took part in several international musical festivals in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin. Since 2007 Alla combined teaching piano at Durham University and privately as well as accompanying gifted young instrumentalists for BBC Young Musicians, North Coast Young Musicians and Harrogate Festival.

October Newsletter 2018

We would like to invite entrants as well as the audience to


Sunday 2nd December 2018
From 10 am

The Study Society
Colet House – East Studio
151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA

Leaflet AGPMF 18 final DESCRIPTION

The AGPMF is an annual competition open to Junior and Adult pianists of various levels, both amateur and professional. As well as traditional and classical music, the festival offers an exclusive syllabus of piano styles including contemporary and jazz piano within global/regional categories. One of the main focuses of this project is to promote contemporary piano composers from all around the world, but who might be less well known in the UK.
The popularity and performing standards of this competition rely on its unique focus on educational and performing values. The very detailed written and spoken assessments our adjudicators’ give after each performance have garnered widespread acclaim. Exceptional achievements of an individual or groups will be rewarded with appropriate recognition, including awards and certificates as well as an opportunity to play at the winners’ piano recital in the Markson Piano Concert Series in 2019.

grupna sa tekstom za mailchimp Included categories are for Junior, Adult Advanced as well as Adult Learners pianists.
There are many classes to choose from and prizes to be won!
Worldwide Contemporary Music, Set Pieces, Short Recital, Diploma Recital, Free Choice, Grades Repertoire, Jazz Piano, Traditional Style – Free Choice


For full syllabus 2018, fees and prizes go to:
Apply online:


Download the entry form, print and send it by post:

You can book your tickets in advance via email
Or buy at the door!
Single ticket £10 (Members £6); Family ticket £15
*Children under 12 – FREE!
**Piano teachers of the participants – FREE!
Tickets are valid for the whole day!

Our brilliant jury panel will enhance every performers’ experience with their knowledgeable insights and stimulating feedback. Our star adjudicators Melanie Spanswick and Olga Dudnik will offer written and spoken assessment after each performance; a unique and rewarding experience for all participants with its highly educational values.

Melanie Spanswick

pianist, composer, author, BIFF adjudicator, educator

Olga Dudnik

award winning pianist, teacher and performer

Marina Petrov

award winning pianist, pedagogue, author, managing director

Maya Jordan

pianist, teacher, artistic director, promoter

September Newsletter 2018

Friends Membership Special Offer!        

LP Duo: New Classics & Beyond for 2 Hybrid Pianos Concert
Artists: Sonja Loncar, piano & Andrija Pavlovic, piano

Date and time
On Wednesday, 3rd October, 20:00 – 22:00 BST

St John’s Church, Waterloo
Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

Co-production with Around the Globe Music & Arts and 8010

LPDuo_London 1200x1200

Classical Elegance, Jazz Freedom, Rock’n’Roll Power
Carnegie Hall, 2014.

After their debut at Carnegie Hall in New York, LP Duo (Sonja Loncar & Andrija Pavlovic) are coming to London to present specially designed hybrid pianos (UK premiere).These instruments came as a result of a collaboration between LP Duo and quantum physicists from Oxford and Singapore. Hybrids are connecting acoustic pianos with retro-synthesizers and sounds from the quantum laboratories. Music by Adams, Helweg, Perrin, Raickovich, Bozicevic, Meijering and Correa will drive you through the journey of XXI century music where the borders between chamber ensemble and rock band are being erased.


JOHN ADAMS – Hallelujah Junction
WIM MERTENS – Quattre Mains
CHIEL MEIJERING – Rondo & A Still Autumn Day
KIM HELWEG – American Fantasy
IVAN BOZICEVIC – Spring Passes & Sustainable Development
LP DUO – Ostinato for Leonid Sejka

STUDENTS £5 (ID required)

For booking contact the organiser:




Proposal for Friends Membership


• Single annual Membership offer for 2018/2019: £25 (runs till 30th Sep 2019)
• Joint annual Membership offer for 2018/2019 : £45 (runs till 30th Sep 2019)
• Student annual Membership offer for 2018/2019: £15 (runs till 30th Sep 2019)

By becoming a friend, you will actively contribute to our mission to assist emerging musicians, through the advancement of their musical education and the promotion of pianists, contemporary composers and other artists from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Your encouragement will bring multicultural diversity to a wider audience through musical arts, therefore contributing to better cultural understanding, social cohesion and sustainable personal and societal development.

AGMA Members will receive:
• A regular E-Newsletter with priority information on our forthcoming events and promotions
• 40% discount on single tickets to all concerts and other AGMA events throughout the year
• Free copy of our annual Around the Globe Music Magazine (retail price £5)
• A Membership Card

Please, make a membership request by emailing us at:

Payments can be made directly to:
Bank Name: NatWest
Account name: Around the Globe Music & Arts
Account Number: 71033130
Sort Code: 51-50-01
Ref: Your name

Syllabus updates for Jazz Style Categories

We are happy to be expanding the number of piano classes within the jazz style categories as well as to introducing you to John Kember’s music and his jazz piano books both, for Junior and Adult pianists.

In addition to Jazz Piano Classes we have added the following:
SET PIECE (codes JJ03 & JJ04), DUET SET PIECE (code JJ05) in Junior and
SET PIECE (code AJ02) in Adult Advanced categories.

For more updates and full syllabus as well as to listen to set pieces visit our website:

Junior Category – Jazz Piano Classes

Set Piece

For 12 years and under, Code JJ03
Happy Feet, No 1, from Solo Collection, J. Kember

For 16 years and under, Code JJ04
Romance, No 19, from Jazz Piano Studies 1, J. Kember

23. John book photo 2 jazz study

Duet Set Piece (for 4 hands)

For 16 years and under, Code JJ05
Ragetty Waltz, No 3, from On the Lighter Side – 9 pieces for piano duet, J. Kember

22. thumbnail (1)

Adult (Advanced) Category – Jazz Piano Classes

Set Piece

Code AJ02
Summertime from The Jazz Piano Player – Autumn Leaves, J. Kember

24. John book photo Autumn leaves

These books should be available from good music shops or the two publishers (Schott and Faber Music). They are also available via

21. John Kember

John Kember

Born in London, John studied at Trinity College of Music, London, firstly as a Junior Scholar then as a full-time student. Since then has enjoyed a full and varied career in both performing and academic spheres with activities ranging from teaching, composing and arranging to working as a pianist and conductor in concert halls, theatres and recording studios across the UK.

He currently has over 90 publications available with Faber Music and Schott Music in London, including many for the jazz pianist including his Jazz Studies and On the Lighter Side series, and more recently 2 new series for Faber Music – The Jazz Piano Player and the Pop Piano Player. Additional projects are published by Music Sales Ltd. For Schotts he has completed a 31-book series of Sight Reading books for all the orchestral instruments plus recorder and guitar with the last in the series published in 2015 alongside a collection of Christmas Duets for piano. He has collaborated with many distinguished musicians in both performance and publications including Jiggs Whigham the internationally acclaimed trombonist, and the baritones Alan Opie, Ben Luxom. Last year presented a series of songs at Trinity College, Cambridge with Alexander Armstrong, to an audience of alumni.

For many years he tutored students at the Kent Music Academy where his responsibilities are mainly for composition, jazz and conducting – representing his primary musical interests. He examined for the Associated Board from 1989 until 2005 and has recently adjudicated composition competitions including the current EPTA competition.

Syllabus updates for Adult Piano Learners

We are pleased to announce that we have established a new category Adult Piano Learners for amateur pianist of different levels including

Intermediate (codes AL01 & AL02),
Late Intermediate (codes AL03 & AL04) and
Early Advanced (codes AL05 & AL06).

There are FREE CHOICE and SET PIECES classes to choose from.
For more updates and full syllabus click here.

Set Pieces for Adult Piano Learners

Set Pieces (code AL02)
Any choice from:
*Karma, from Play It Again, Piano Book I, by Melanie Spanswick
*A Glimmer of Sunshine, (‘Зрачак Вири’), No 1, from Hausmuzik, by Vera Milanković
Set Pieces (code AL04)
Any choice from:
*Seahorse Dream, from Play It Again, Piano Book 2, by Melanie Spanswick
*Serbian Love Song, (‘Болујем ja, болујеш ти’), No 7, from Hausmuzik, by Vera Milanković
Set Pieces (code AL06)
Any choice from:
*Come back.., Op. 3, No 1 by Vladimir Titov
*The Pirate Ship, from All the Fun of the Fair, by Lindsey Berwin

Introduction to contemporary composers and their piano music

26 Photo Melanie (3)

Melanie Spanswick

Melanie Spanswick is a pianist, author, teacher, and composer. She graduated from the Royal College of Music with a Master’s degree in Performance Studies. As a composer, Melanie Spanswick has written many educational works for the piano. Her music focuses on various sound worlds and repetitive structures which are often associated with Minimalism.
Melanie recently selected the repertoire for the Faber Music Piano Anthology (Faber Music) and her piano guidebook, So You Want to Play the Piano? (Alfred Music) has received much acclaim. Play it again: PIANO (Schott Music), a two-book piano course, was published during 2017. She is a regular contributor to Pianist magazine and Piano Professional (EPTA), and her piano compositions (EVC Music Publications Ltd.) have been featured on various syllabuses and in publications worldwide.

You can hear all Melanie’s compositions on her YouTube Channel:

28. Melanie books for '18

To watch Melanie’s video tutorials, and buy your copy, click here or Via Amazon:
Book 1: click here
Book 2: click here

30. b -Vera-Milankovic_Ileana-Milic
Vera Milanković

Hausmuzik is a German term for concerts held in middle class salons in XIX century central Europe and likewise, in Serbia. Part of the usual repertoire were popular folk songs with piano accompaniment, but also arranged for piano solo, duos and trios………….

A Glimmer of Sunshine, (‘Зрачак Вири’), No1, is a song celebrating the downing of a new day; the first glimpse of sunshine and the first bird songs. In short, it is homage to this beautiful vision.
Serbian Love Song, (‘Болујем ja, болујеш ти’), No7, is a sad and romantic song about heartache, overwhelming love that sometimes can be so strong, that abandonment seems to be the only remedy.

You can download these piano scores for FREE from our website:

Lindsey Berwin

Extracts from the article My Journey as a Composer by Lindsey Berwin

My journey as a composer began some thirty years ago, primarily in response to my pupils’ pedagogical needs and their requests for specific repertoire. Little could I have known then that I was embarking on a voyage which would blossom into a passion, providing me with a wonderful means of self-expression as a musician, and of self-discovery as a person……

The Pirate Ship
A bold introduction of chords built on 4ths sets the scene for this feisty musical picture. The swaggering character of pirates is then imitated by the use of tritone chords, chromatically rising and falling 3rds and descending broken octaves. A passage with a sturdy left-hand ostinato evokes the swinging movement of the ride, and after a return to the previous material, contrary motion octaves bring the music to a spirited end on a sfz Dm#7 chord.

LB Suite

You can purchase All the Fun of the Fair piano suite online here
To listen to the music go to


Vladimir Titov

Extracts from the article Vladimir Titov Composer and Pianist
Prof. Alla Vinogradova-Cherniayeva

“The world of music is beautiful and inexhaustible… The journey there is endless and magical!” – is being the artistic credo of composer Vladimir Titov.
The expressive language and musical style of Vladimir Titov is a unique combination of romantic imagery, sophisticated and colourful sound palette of impressionism and spicy impulsive vibrations of jazz…….

The first encounter with Titov’s compositions suggests that the composer’s work is rooted in the emotional and imagery nature of the musical language, exposing various, often contrasting, conflicting or complimentary modes in his music………..

The miniature Come Back… from op.3, like a movie screen shot of a lonely and gloomy mode, is succeeded by a sketch Game of Sparkling Rain op.3, bursting with joy, delight and happiness.


Link to videos:
Link to audios:
Link to scores:
For printed edition of Titov’s piano scores go to:

Syllabus Updates for Adult Advanced Pianists for AGPMF 2018

We would like to announce changes of Around the Globe Piano Music Festival syllabus for Adult (Advanced level) Categories and for Contemporary Piano Music Classes – Set Pieces.

Set Pieces for Piano Solo (AD01)
Choice of any combination of pieces:
-Solitude Self-Reflections for Piano by Branka Popović
-Through the Looking Glass, Piano Suite Op. 8 (8 Piano pieces) by Vladimir Titov
-After Hussein Chalayan, Piano Suite VII (5 piano pieces) by Lola Perrin
-Three Piano Pieces Op. 83 by Aleksandar Vujić

We are excited to introduce you to new composers in our programme for you to explore and enjoy a variety of different music styles.


Prof. Branka Popović (1977, Belgrade) is a Serbian composer. She obtained her Master of Music Degree in Composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and finished her doctorate studies in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

Her pieces have been performed by many prominent music artists and presented at many prominent festivals devoted to contemporary classical music including the premier of her first chamber opera Petersburg in June 2012. In 2016/17, she was one of fifteen participants selected to take part in the CEEC Composers Fieldtrip to China. Her piece Stardust for viola and string orchestra was awarded 2nd prize at the London Music Society 2017 International Composer’s Competition.

Branka Popović is an assistant professor of composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Between 2010 and 2015 she was an associate of Radio Belgrade 3 and from 2015 she has been artistic director of International Review of Composers.

For a FREE copy of Solitude Self-Reflections for Piano contact the organiser via email:

To listen to the music go to:


Vladimir Titov began music education in his home town of Novokuibyshevsk in the Samara region of Russia, where he was born in 1984. In 2003 Titov graduated from Samara Music College with a major in piano performance. His compositions including solo piano, vocal and chamber music arrangements have been performed at competitions and festivals on a worldwide platform by young musicians as well as professional performers.

Since moving to Moscow in 2010, Titov continued his successful career as a pianist and composer including his work as a teacher and accompanist at the Gnessin State Music College and other educational establishments.

In addition to academic and jazz music concert performances, he won numerous competition and festival prizes including the IV regional Youth Jazz Festival ‘Playing Jazz with Garanyan’ (2011), Moscow State Festival ‘The Best City on the Earth’ (2014), Moscow Open Festival-Competition ‘Tutti-Jazz’ (2015), International Competition ‘The World of Creativity’ (2015) and IX International Competition ‘The Composer’ within the creative project “ADMIRALTY STAR” (2017).


Titov’s music recordings are widely available on YouTube including Through the Looking Glass Op.8

Link to videos:
Link to audios:
Link to scores:

For printed edition of Titov’s piano scores go to:

You can order via email:


Lola Perrin

“After writing the music for the live performance, I had one final process to go through. I extracted four narrative passages, in the style of radio news reports from the 190 tales.

The narrations were read aloud in between the piano pieces by the correspondent, Mihir Bose – whose voice I have admired from afar for many years. And so “Suite VII: Collection” was performed in the style of a live radio show.


The narrations are at the back of this book. The complete tales, with John Kennedy’s The Sea of Names, are held in the Design Museum library.”

Page 1: London is a rhythm
Page 4: First memory
Page 6: The Sea of Names
Page 8: Across one hundred years
Page 9: The four narrations

First Edition, 2009
Printed by Lola Perrin, UK
Cover illustration by John Kennedy

Piano Suite VII: Collection


Buy book online from Spartan Press (downloads also available):


Prof. Aleksandar S. Vujić (1945- 2017), is a prominent Serbian composer who composed over 100 works. His compositional oeuvre comprises choral, chamber, symphonic works and instrumental music for piano, violin, cello as well as various ensembles.

His work has been recognized worldwide, by the US government by honouring him with the Zoltan Kodaly Award (1983) and by Israel with the State Order of Israel Award (1988). Furthermore, he won first and third prize at the International Robert Schumann Choral Competition in Zwickau (1995) as well as gold medals for choral composition at Busan, South Korea (2002) and the International Choir Competition in Budapest (2009). He was the founder, leader and conductor of Sinfonietta chamber orchestra and the Madrigal Choir of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. In addition, he was chief conductor of Djakon Avakum Chamber Choir, Baruch Brothers Choir and Iuventuscantat. He was also a lecturer at the Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Music, and president of the Union of Serbian Choirs at Home and Abroad.

Three Piano Pieces Op. 83

To download FREE music scores go to:

To listen:

Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter June 2018

Syllabus Updates for Junior Pianists for AGPMF 2018

Dear pianists, educators and supporters,

We would like to announce changes of Around the Globe Piano Music Festival syllabus for Junior Categories for Contemporary Piano Music Classes – Compulsory Pieces.     

Compulsory Pieces (JC01 & JC02)

Choose any piece(s) from the selection:

Lower Grades (up to grade 5)
-From the other Side of Danube, No.1, from Music Map of Serbia by Vera Milanković
-The Arrival from Piano Suite VIII: part 6 by Lola Perrin
-The Carousel from All the Fun of the Fair by Lindsey Berwin

Higher Grades (up to grade 8)
-Upon the Blossom Garden, No.3, from Music Map of Serbia by Vera Milanković
-The Man in the Black Hat is Probably Sleeping from Piano Suite II: part 2 by Lola Perrin
-The UFO from All the Fun of the Fair by Lindsey Berwin

We are excited to introduce you to a new composer in our programme so you can explore a variety of different music styles.  

Lindsey Berwin

Lindsey Berwin is a British composer who studied at The Royal Academy of Music, graduating with a degree in music and a piano teaching diploma.

LB Suite

Lindsey has become well-known for her innovative and enjoyable approaches to improving key skills, as well as her passion for composition. She and her pupils regularly win prizes in the annual European Piano Teachers Composers’ Competition.

Lindsey is the composer of FunKey!, a series of books designed to improve piano students’ sight-reading skills using jazz based material, and Jazz Keys, its counterpart for the flute. Her most recent published work is entitled All the Fun of the Fair.

You can purchase All the Fun of the Fair piano suite online at:

To listen to the music go to:

Vera Milankovic concert

Prof. Vera Milanković (London, 1953) is a multi-talented Serbian composer, pianist, pedagogue and organizer of educational events. She was nominated for the best theatre music by the “Musica Clasica” magazine in 2013 and was awarded the “Golden Link” by the Cultural and Educational Community of Belgrade for her educational work.

You can download pieces from Map of Serbia:

From the other Side of Danube, No. 1

Upon the Blossom Garden, No. 3

Lola Perrin Concert

Lola Perrin (b.1962). American born, London-based composer, pianist, collaborator, piano teacher, Composer in Residence at Markson Pianos, has published nine piano suites and has two CDs on general release. Lola has been interviewed on various BBC shows and performs as a solo artist, in collaboration with filmmakers, authors, artists and other pianists.
Her nine piano suites composed 1991 – 2016 are available from her publishing label; Lola Perrin Sheet Music. She is also building a repertoire for multiple piano; performances include Southbank Centre, Kennedy Centre Washington DC and ‘Institute de Serbie’, Paris. Lola has initiated ClimateKeys in which scores of pianists will be performing with guest speakers to engage audiences in talking about climate change across the world.

Piano Suite Lola P

Nine Images Lola P

You can purchase:

The Arrival from Piano Suite VIII: part 6

The Man in the Black Hat is Probably Sleeping from Piano Suite II: part 2

To listen to the music go to:

Around the Globe Music & Arts
Newsletter April 2018

2017 Winners’ Piano Recital
Around the Globe Piano Music Festival

Our next AGPMF winners’ piano recital will take place at
St Magdalene Church
Munster Square, London NW1 3PH
on Saturday, 19th May 2018 at 7 pm.

All winning pianists will have the great opportunity to play at this prestigious venue on the exquisite Besendorfer Grand, sponsored by Markson Pianos.

More info on Markson Pianos showrooms and services at:

Announcement to all AGPMF winners!

To participate in the piano recital you need to apply via email at:
No later than Monday, 7th May 2018

In your application you should state your proposed programme that should consist of no more than 1 or 2 pieces, depending on their length. The style of your pieces should relate to your category/piano class that you have won at the piano festival in 2017. In addition, your entry needs to be supported by your piano teacher/mentor.

Please note that rehearsal time on the day of the recital will be from 6 pm.

We hope you’ll enjoy participating in this recital and would appreciate any feedback regarding the whole AGPMF experience via our email.
Comments from teachers/parents/careers especially welcome!

We hope you enjoy the Easter break!

In Retrospect AGPMF 2017

In its fourth year, the Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2017 stood out with a galaxy of great piano repertoire, which was performed by many talented young and more mature pianists including professionals. Last years’ event started early on Sunday 19th November, with a very busy schedule throughout the whole day. As in previous years, the venue took place at Colet House, a beautiful Victorian building rich in history located in west London. The place was buzzing with excitement, crowded with children and people of different backgrounds and professions who shared one common theme – love for piano music and its performance!

IMG_8318 (2) Lola Perrin, Martha Lawson, Melanie Spanswick

The festive atmosphere was enhanced by the presence of piano composers including Lola Perrin as well as new adjudicator Melanie Spanswick, whose works were performed with great enthusiasm, especially by the younger players. The festival was especially fruitful as we had many winners in a wide range of piano categories.
For the first time in the festival’s history there were two prize winners in the Junior Contemporary Music Category – Compulsory Pieces Class for 12 years and under, the amazing Martha Lawson and Joe Davis.

IMG_8142 Amy Zheng, Around the Globe Trophy Winner

An AGPMF 2017 Trophy for junior pianists was awarded to the exceptionally musical Amy Zheng for the best performance of contemporary composition (Love Song by Wanghua Chu), who also won the Duet Class alongside Lucy Che. Very young pianist Khusniddin Khoshimov as well as Elishe Lim stood out from many winners in Grade Repertoire Classes.

In addition, 2017 medallists of the Short Piano Recital categories including the young Arthur Anderson, Ethan Zhiming Yan and Alexander Anderson thrilled the audience with their impressive playing and their talents was noted by the adjudicators.

IMG_8170 Ethan Zhiming Yan

IMG_9282 (3) Arthur Anderson, Maya Jordan, Melanie Spanswick

The star of the festival for Junior Categories was undoubtedly, medallist and a multiple winner, virtuoso Pung Rae Yue, a 13 years old girl from Singapore whose outstanding performances went beyond expectation due to her demanding and advanced level repertoire.
She played with great pianistic maturity Chopin’s C minor Nocturne Op.48 and Revolutionary Etude as well as Beethoven’s ‘Pathetique’ Sonata, 1st Movement. Pung has also represented French composers in her repertoire including Debussy and Ravel, playing with a great touch of tone and musical expressiveness.

IMG_9297 (3) Tau Wey, Pung Rae Yue, Marina Petrov

In the Adult Categories there were many professionals and advanced level students as well as amateur pianists whose contemporary and classical music programme was quite significant and innovative. Amongst pianists of classical styles, Marianna Kapsetaki distinguished herself with virtuosity and musicianship by playing a demanding repertoire in the Recital Class for advanced pianists. Her programme highlighted a wide spectrum of pianistic styles including 1st movement of ‘Waldstein’ by Beethoven, List’s ‘La Campanella’ as well as works by Chopin and Rachmaninoff, which led her to winning AGPMF 2017 highest award.

Attractive playing and extensive programme of Jessica Wright, led her to winning AGPMF Trophy 2017 for Contemporary Piano Music (Adult Advanced), in presenting West Europeans and North American styles. We heard brilliant interpretations of compositions written by Phillip Glass, Lola Perrin, Graham Fitkin as well as lesser known work ‘Bells’ by Joseph Shone-Hatchwell.

IMG_9313 (2) Maya Jordan, Jessica Wright, Tau Wey

Furthermore, Lola Perrin’s piano duet ‘Before Sleep’ played by the winners Petra Chong / Leng Wye Kee, with astonishing pianistic expression, bringing to light insightful music ideas within the composition, which had excellent reviews from the judges’ panel and the spectators.
The festival was honoured to host the UK premiere of a compelling Jewish Piano Suite, 2nd and 3rd movement, written by the prominent Serbian composer, the late Aleksandar Vujić (1945-2017). An outstanding performance by renowned pianist Olga Dudnik brought to light the complexity and true conception of the piece using a wide spectrum of tembre, great pianistic artistry and strong emotional charge.

This resulted in her winning a Special Prize for the most promising pianist in Adult Category – an artwork ‘Trio’ by prominent Serbian artist Dusan Rajsic- awarded by Fine Art Escape Gallery.

Dusan Rajsic Concert Mixed Media 40x20

IMG_9315 (2) Tau Wey, Marina Petrov, Olga Dudnik, Ognjen Bogdanovic

Around the Globe Music & Arts
Newsletter March 2018


Diary of forthcoming events:

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival
Winners’ Piano Recital
Saturday, 19th May 2018, at 7 PM
St Mary Magdalene Church,
Munster Square, London NW1 3PT

Further announcements to be made.
Deadline for entries to participate is Monday 7th May 2018

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival
Sunday, 2nd December 2018, from 10 AM
The Study Society
Colet House,151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

Details to follow at the later date.

Previous events:

Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 7.30 PM
St Cyprian’s Church
Glentworth Street, London NW1 6AX

The launch of non- profit company
“Around the Globe Music & Arts”

With a concert production of
Contemporary Composers & the Piano
A non-profit company “Around the Globe Music & Arts” was launched with an extraordinary piano concert featuring performances by composers playing their own piano works in the restrained and beautiful setting of the turn-of-the-century St Cyprian’s church, near Baker Street in London.

Lola Perrin Concert

We much enjoyed hearing many diverse music styles including an authentic and exceptionally musical performance of Lola Perrin’s selection of pieces from her opus of piano suites, which bear traits of modern classical styles with emerging jazz elements.

Vesna i Vera concert

This was followed by UK premiere of the astonishing Shakespeare’s Sonnets, composed by Vera Milanković whose theatre piano music is full of beautiful archaic tunes and harmonies. In addition, a moving recitation by actress Vesna Stanojević of mainly love sonnets transferred us back in time to a baroque era.

Vera Milankovic concert

Vera’s other performance of a solo piano piece, homage to famous Serbian writer and poet Isidora Sekulić and her Norwegian Letters, was both inspirational and highly praised.

Grupna concert

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