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Newsletter May 2020

Dear Reader,

On this occasion we want to introduce you to Nikolay Aleksiev, a Bulgarian composer, whose piano duet for four hands A Breeze from Bulgaria was performed by the Darina Piano Duo (Antonina Koleva-Lax and Alla Levit-Anderson), the winners of the Adult Piano Duet category at the 6th Piano Competition – Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019.
At these unapparelled times that we experience due to the global pandemic and physical distancing as the new way of life, we understand that playing and performing live ensembles such as piano duets for 4 hands, is at the moment not possible. However, we believe that we will be able to relish creating music together again, in the not very distant future. Perhaps in the current situation, we can learn to use various digital innovations and online platforms in creating various ensembles and to rejoicing in making music together this way.
We hope you will listen and enjoy the music of this stunning piece, which was masterly performed by the Darina Piano Duo. To listen to the music, follow the link at the end of the article.

For score please send us a request via our email at

Extract from the article
About ‘A Breeze from Bulgaria’ by Antonina Koleva-Lax

Nikolay Breeze from BulgariaA Breeze from Bulgaria was one of the winning pieces premiered by Darina Piano Duo at last year’s Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019. The duo has been collecting modern pieces from around the world to bring to new audiences. Today there is a wide range of modern music to choose from, but some of it is naturally closer to one’s heart and roots than others.
A Breeze from Bulgaria is the work of the composer Nikolai Aleksiev, whose music reflects traditional Bulgarian rhythms and harmonies whilst remaining authentic and novel. This piece, is in essence an experiment, as Darina Piano Duo challenged Aleksiev, who typically writes vocal and orchestral music, to write a four-hand piano piece…

This outlook is shared by the composer of A Breeze from Bulgaria
who tells us more about the piece and the inspiration behind it in the following note.
Nikolay Breeze from Bulgaria
“A Breeze from Bulgaria, written in 2017, is a three-part piano piece I composed for the wonderful the Darina Piano Duo. Taking its inspiration from the ethnic traditional music of Bulgaria, it represents my interpretation of these ancient melodies in a way I hope is relevant to a wider audience.
I admire work which stresses the melodic (whilst still being open to experimentation), and music that expresses emotional realities, making the listener want to explore a composition again and again, and to discover new images and connections…
The title of my three-part piece may be suggestive of a theme, but it is in fact an allegory. It is a reference to the listeners’ innermost feelings towards their own native country as well as being an allusion to identity, combining nostalgia without sentimentality. The name of the piece translated as Breeze, Breath or Aura, shouldn’t be taken literally. It is more of a general characterisation of imagery (in part provoked by the work of the Bulgarian 20th-century short-story writer Chudomir – Dimitar Hristov Chorbadjiev), evoking remembered native songs, natural beauty and everything which connects Bulgarians to their homeland…”

Listen to A Breeze from Bulgaria performed by Darina Piano Duo via YouTube link:

About the composer

Nikolay AleksievNikolay Aleksiev is a prominent Bulgarian musician and orchestral conductor, who has composed and arranged various works based on ethnic Bulgarian music motifs. His compositional oeuvre comprises both, choral and instrumental music for orchestra as well as ensembles. His music has been recognised not only in Bulgaria, but in other Balkan countries, where his work has been regularly included in many international music festivals.

He wrote numerous orchestral pieces and suites based on traditional Bulgarian music. Nikolay is a member of the Union of Young Bulgarian Composers and his compositions were recorded by Bulgarian National Radio with the participation of soloists and members of the orchestra of the Filip Kutev Art School to commemorate the school’s 25th anniversary.
For many years, until 2008 he was Director of the Byala Slatina company and Director of Nezhen Spomen (Tender Memory) choral group, which successfully won many awards in local and national music competitions in Bulgaria. With the groups’ performing many of his original compositions and arrangements they became the most popular ethnic/folk performers in the country. In 2002 Nikolay recorded a CD of his song arrangements dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Cultural Centre, Razvitie. Since 2006 he has again broadened his achievements by working for various Bulgarian television companies.

Newsletter April 2020 (2)

Dear Followers,
In this publication we want to introduce you to piano books of various methods that we highly recommend. Exciting new books Get Set! Piano Tutor and Get Set! Piano Pieces by Heather Hammond and Karen Marshallmight be of interest to piano teachers and music educators who want to expand their horizons and perhaps, take different approach to teaching piano beginners. Intermediate level pianists interested in exploring different jazz styles and improvisation, might find Improvising Blues Piano and Exploring Jazz Piano books by Tim Richards, quite stimulating and educative.
Any feedback on these books would be much appreciated!


Get Set! Piano is an exciting course by Heather Hammond and Karen Marshall. Over the years, experienced piano teachers Karen and Heather had noticed clear changes in the piano pupils’ needs and tastes: they are keen to progress quickly, thrive on logical teaching progression, and want to play melodies that are relevant to their world, so this series has been specially written for the 21st century child. The series consists of 4 books: Tutor Book 1, Tutor Book 2, Pieces Book 1 and Pieces Book 2. The tutor books are systematic in developing sound technique and use a wide variety of learning approaches throughout, from active games to creative and aural activities. As well as traditional tunes there are engaging new pieces in contemporary styles.

Get Set Piano Tutor Book 1 inspires, entertains and builds confidence from the start and Piano Tutor Book 2 guides learners from around the Prep Test level to Grade 1.

Get Set! Piano Pieces Book 1 follows and supplements the tried and tested progression of Piano Tutor Book 1. It includes favorites like Alice the Camel, Hot Cross Buns and We wish you a merry Christmas as well as featuring new pieces with themes like wriggly caterpillars and scary pirates. Many of the pieces have straightforward teacher duet parts to encourage ensemble playing from the start.

Get Set! Piano Pieces Book 2 works alongside Piano Tutor Book 2, guiding the learner in their journey from Prep Test to Grade 1.
There’s a Teacher Guide to using the series, piano practice charts & printable certificates, scales & arpeggio resources, posters of the ‘Get Set!’ Characters, lots of additional pieces at all the various levels, longer concert versions of pieces, extra teacher parts to turn some of the pieces into duets & lots of theory quizzes.

Listen to:
Fun at The Fair, Get Set Pieces Book 1
Toot Street Blues, Get Set Tutor 2
Tight Rope Show-Off, Get Set Tutor 2

Buy at Amazon:

About the authors

Heather Hammond
Heather is an award-winning educational composer and piano teacher based in York, UK. She currently has over 100 publications (piano & woodwind) available with a variety of publishers.  She initially became popular due to her ‘Cool Piano’ series (6 books). Working in conjunction with Karen Marshall she co-authored the ‘The Intermediate Pianist’ (3 books which form part of the Faber Piano Trainer series) and the ‘Get Set! Piano’ series (4 books pub. Collins). Get Set Piano Tutor Book 1 was a finalist for the Best Print Resource at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2014. Many of Heather’s pieces have been chosen for inclusion in exam syllabuses and for music festival performances worldwide.

Karen Marshall
Karen is a practising private, peripatetic, first access and classroom music teacher in York, UK. Her 19 publications include the Piano Trainer Series (Faber Music) including The Intermediate Pianist (with Heather Hammond), The Foundation Pianist (with David Blackwell) and recently The Advanced Pianist (with Mark Tanner). She has also written the ABRSM Piano Encore Series, ABRSM Piano Star Grade 1 (with David Blackwell) and Get Set! Piano Series with Heather Hammond (Collins Music). Karen has also written a text book ‘Instrumental and Singing Teaching’ (100 Ideas) with Penny Stirling (Collins Music). Specialising in multi-sensory music teaching, she is a member of The British Dyslexia Associations’ Music Committee, the EPTA management committee as well as being Kodály trained


Published in 1997 to wide acclaim, Exploring Jazz Piano is now acknowledged as the best blues piano instruction book on the market, and has been being translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish. It received the following write-up in the world’s largest circulation blues magazine: 
“I highly recommend the book… It’s the best I’ve seen yet… It’s almost like having your own personal instructor…”  BLUES REVUE magazine (USA).

The basic principles of blues piano are explained for the intermediate level pianist in an easy-to-grasp fashion.

  • All styles from the 1920s to the present day
  • Examples of boogie woogie, swing, jazz, funk, gospel, New Orleans & Chicago blues…
  • Authentic left-hand patterns & bass lines
  • Improvisation tips
  • Professional chord voicings
  • Blues scales, licks & riffs
  • Fingering
  • Co-ordination exercises for both hand
  • Explanations of all theoretical terms
  • Covers both solo piano and band playing
  • Suggested listening/discography
  • Twenty full-page photographs of blues pianists

Over 60 pieces to play, including many original compositions by the author, together with new arrangements of the following well-known standards:
Ain’t No Sunshine, Back in the Alley, Bag’s Groove, Blueberry Hill, Blue Monk, C Jam Blues, Got my Mojo Workin’ and many more.Each chapter is graded within itself, providing some challenging pieces towards the end. Improvising is encouraged at all stages, with assignments giving ideas & guidance. 
Schott Music ED 12504. 264 pages. Includes downloadable audio files for all pieces. RRP £27.99

The long-awaited follow-up to Improvising Blues Piano was published in 2005 in two volumes, and was voted Best Pop Publication at the 2006 MIA (Music Industry Association) awards. The overall level is somewhat higher, and would suit pianists of Grade 3-4 standard and above.

Vol 1 introduces the intermediate pianist to the basic chord-types used in jazz, from major and minor triads to seventh and ninth chords. Other topics include:

  • Chord/scale relationships
  • Mixolydian and Dorian modes
  • Broken chords and scale patterns
  • Pentatonic and blues scales
  • Walking bass lines
  • ‘Latin’ rhythms and bass lines
  • Horizontal & vertical improvisation
  • Tritone substitution
  • Two-handed voicings
  • II ­- V ­- I sequences
  • Rootless voicings
  • Technical exercises and fingering
  • Accompaniment styles
  • Ear-training
  • Suggested listening

28 pieces by the author appear in Vol 1, alongside well-known standards such as Autumn Leaves, Fly Me to the Moon, In a Sentimental Mood, Mannenberg, On Green Dolphin Street (part 1), Ornithology, Song for My Father, Straight No Chaser and Take the ‘A’ Train. Also included are transcribed solos by Thelonious Monk and Horace Silver, an invaluable source of authentic jazz techniques.
“There’s little that comes close in terms of practicality of approach.”Brian Priestley – JAZZWISE Magazine
The package is beautifully illustrated with many full-page photographs of piano masters past and present, informative mini biographies and a comprehensive ‘suggested listening’ section. The ‘lay-flat’ binding enables the books to lie flat on the music stand.
“The jazz process has been uncovered in the most comprehensive and welcoming way. Clear-cut, informative and easy to use, Tim Richards has given all comers to this music a way in – go and buy it.” Julian Joseph
Schott Music ED 12708, 256 pages. Includes downloadable audio files and play-along tracks for all 39 pieces. RRP £28.99
See the Schott website for further information, including preview scans + free instructional videos linked to each book:

Tim Richards
Critically acclaimed jazz pianist, educator and author who has produced numerous titles for Schott Music, including the best-selling two-volume Exploring Jazz Piano,  Blues, Boogie and
Collection and Improvising Blues Piano.
Visit his website:

Newsletter April 2020

Dear members and supporters of AGMA,

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, we are deeply saddened to announce cancellation of Around the Globe Piano Winners Recital, which was due to take place Saturday 9th May 2020 at St Cuthbert’s Church, London.

The 7th Piano Competition – Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2020 is booked for 28th and 29th November at The Study Society, Colet House in London W14. We sincerely hope that we will able to go ahead with these events as planned, believing the ending of pandemic and crisis by then.

Due to these troublesome times, Around the Globe Music Magazine 2020
is extending its DEADLINE for submission of articles, advertisements
and other promotions till 31st May 2020. For guidelines visit:

We are thinking of you as we all pull together to adjust to current closure of concert venues, music services and schools to the vast majority, in this the rapidly changing times. AGMA team shares a passion and commitment to pianists of all ages and abilities, and the importance of their musical journey. We are working to develop alternative ways to deliver musical activities with the necessary safeguards in place as soon as we can. By working together and drawing on our combined experience and skills, we are confident in our ability to deliver alternative solutions to musical performance and other musical undertakings when social distancing.

As many of you are staying indoors for the most of your day, there might be more time for you to enjoying music, playing piano, listening and exploring different music styles and books.
Today we want to introduce you to Butterflies – from The Butterfly Suite written for advanced piano players. This stunning piece is composed by Marcel Zidani, British virtuoso pianist, teacher and author.

Butterfllies‘Butterflies signifies spiritually the end of something old and the beginning of something new. The fluttery sensation of fight or flight with a slight adrenaline rush induced by the ascent to the unknown.’
A beautiful etude nominated by legendary pianist Leslie Howard for the British Composer Awards, describing the composition as ‘an excellent piece, beautifully written for the piano’.
Butterflies is written very much in the style of a study and is sometimes called the Butterfly Etude. Although written before the two other movements, Broken Wing and Chrysalis, Butterflies is the last movement of the Butterfly Suite for Piano. It is written in the Romantic style and was appropriately characterised as simply ‘beautiful’ by Katie Derham on Radio 3.
You can purchase the score:
Listen via YouTube:

We care about you at this time as you come to terms with what is happening. Please do reach out for support if you need it by contacting us.
We wish you to stay safe, well and healthy.


Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter February 2020


We would like to announce that our next
AGPMF Winners’ Piano Recital
is scheduled for
Saturday 9th May 2020 at 7 PM
that will take place at
St Cuthbert’s Church
50 Philbeach Gardens, Earl’s Court
London SW5 9EB
St Cuthbert's Church outsideAll winning pianists will have
the great opportunity
to play at this exciting new venue,
an aesthetic church
in the stylish part of Kensington,
on the superb Yamaha Grand sponsored by Markson Pianos.

More info on Markson Pianos showrooms and services at:


To perform at the concert you need to apply not later than
via email at:

Your application you should state:

● Your name and the code of the category/class that you have won

● Your proposed programme. Please consider the style of your pieces which should relate to the category that you have won at the 6th AGPMF Piano Competition 2019.

● Name of your piano teacher

● Applicant’s entry fee for performing:
up to 5 min – £7; up to 10 min – £11; up to 15 min – £15

● Your preferred slot for a rehearsal: 5.20 – 5.50 PM or 6.15- -6.45 PM

● Please provide a copy of the music score of any contemporary work if published outside the UK and was not performed at previous AGPMF

We hope you’ll enjoy participating in this recital and would appreciate
any feedback regarding the whole AGPMF experience via our email.

Comments from teachers/parents/careers especially welcome!


Memo from the Editor of Around the Globe Music Magazine

The Around the Globe Music Magazine is preparing material for next issue Vol. 3 No.1 Summer 2020 and is offering an opportunity for contribution of articles and promotional material for the next publication to all profesional music writers and creators. All proposals will be evaluated and appreciated.


Around the Globe Music Magazine publishes an annual website and printed magazine. We focus on a variety of musical genres from around the world including contemporary classical piano music, jazz and beyond, devoting space to independent and emerging musicians alongside more established artists. Our magazine features articles on educational music subjects, which we strongly advocate as well as promoting music creators and their works, which might be lesser known in the UK. Furthermore, we cover interviews, book reviews, topics including festivals, concert series, cultural commentary and much more.

Around the Globe Music Magazine welcomes unsolicited articles from anyone who believe the piece is interesting for our readers. (Hint: The best way to figure out is to read our online magazine).

AGMM is one of the best opportunities for writers to come up with ideas for articles that perhaps we haven’t thought of! Do you have a piano music tie-in piece to art, literature or film? Know some great new ways for artists to share their music or work? Perhaps you want to share your personal music experiences good, bad or humorous? We hope you get the idea…


By developing your voice and expressing an opinion, your story or idea will personalize the writing and highlight the uniqueness of your experiences. Inject your life into the writing as appropriate and search for a sense of place or narrative.

Use italics for titles of recordings (albums/cd’s), concerts, videos, books or other literature. Composition titles, chapters and article titles should be placed in quotations; punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. Write out in words the numbers nine and under and numbers that begin a sentence, otherwise use numerals. Use numerals for decades, except at the beginning of a sentence. Use four digits for the first reference, with no apostrophe and then two digits with an initial apostrophe (e.g., 1990s then ’90s).


Digital magazines are produced and published annually. Submissions for digital and printed issues are due on 4th May 2020.


· Suggestion for articles should be submitted well before the deadline for editorial approval.

· Applications should include proposed subject, length, applicability and writer samples.

· Submissions may be edited and published with your permission.

· Writers will not receive any monetary compensation.

· All submissions to be send to:

Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter December 2019


AGPMF 2019 – 6th Piano Competition
has had another successful year with a very busy schedule due to the large number of participants.
Both days were full of impressive performances by many talented pianists in all categories, who were enthusiastically supported by a capacity audience, especially on the first day.

We were thrilled to welcome and hear our guest speaker Marcel Zidani, whose piano music from his book Hey Presto ! is extremely popular amongst early level pianists. There was a record number of entries for the Short Piano Recital with a number oMarcel smallerf participants performing works from our promoted contemporary classical and jazz piano composers such as
Melanie Spanswick,
Marcel Zidani,
Vera Milanković
Tim Richards.

The standard of playing this year was exceptional, and we were treated to fine performances from many talented pianists in all age categories.


We would like to congratulate our many winners on their achievements!
There was a standing ovation for the performance of professional pianists and pedagogues Antonina Koleva-Lax and Alla Levit-Anderson, The Darina Piano Duo, whose all 3 pieces were UK premières from contemporary classical composers from Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

You can view clips of our previous Winners Piano Recital on YouTube channel links: Darina Piano Duo & Junior Winners

Workshop marina ChloeOur newly introduced piano workshop Easing Tension in Performance by Marina Petrov had a great response and proved to be very popular amongst the younger pianists. We were pleased that so many teachers, musicians and parents found the talk so fascinating!

In addition, the masterclass presented by pianist and composer Lola Perrin on her IX piano suite Significantus was well-received and appreciated. It was interesting to gain insights to her journey from the initial inspiration to the completed piano work and beyond.


We would like to express our gratitude to our praised adjudicators, pianists Tau Wey, Olga Dudnik and Marina Petrov, for the valuable work including their constructive spoken feedback and objective assessments.




A special thanks to

Composers’ Association of Serbia
Global Media Publishing Ltd
Branco Stoysin
Markson Pianos
Brittens Music and Kensington Chimes music shops
as well as
followers of our Just Giving platform
for generously supporting this successful piano festival.
Aleks, Neb and others


Mr & Mrs Saric, Global Media Publishing Ltd

Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter November 2019

We are happy to announce the final time- table of

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019 – 6th Piano Competition

for 23rd -24th November 2019.

The venue:
The Study Society
Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

The programme is as follows:

Saturday 23rd November

9.50 Introduction with a guest star Marcel Zidani (pianist/composer)
10.00 Worldwide Contemporary Music
10.40 Short Piano Recitals
11.20 Free Choice
12.00 Easing Tension in Performance – Workshop with Marina Petrov
13.00 Lunch Break
13.50 Free Choice
14.05 Grade Repertoire
14.50 Short Piano Recitals

17.20 Adult Piano Learners Classes
17.50 Adult Advanced – Worldwide Contemporary Music
18.30 End

Sunday 24th November

13.25 Introduction
13.30 Jazz Classes Free Choice
14.00 Traditional Style Free Choice
14.40 Short Recitals
16.00 Diploma Recital
17.00 ‘Significantus’: Composer’s Response to Climate Breakdown – Masterclass by Lola Perrin
18.00 END

We are expecting to hear performances of many talented pianists
of various levels both, junior and adult Including professionals.

This year we have record number of entries for Short Piano Recital in all categories
where we will listen to a range of classical styles including
Beethoven’s sonatas, Mozart and Chopin as well as Debussy, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and other works of famous composers.

We are encouraged by a number of participants performing works
from our promoted contemporary composers such as
Melanie Spanswick, Marcel Zidani, Vera Milanković
and jazz composer Tim Richards.

This year, the celebrated
Darina Piano Duo (Antonina Koleva-Lax and Alla Levit-Anderson)
will perform Breeze from Bulgaria,
a piece specially written for them by Bulgarian composer Nikolai Aleksiev
followed by the Senyak Rhapsody by Vera Milanković
Ivan the Fool & The Humpbacked Horse by Russian composer Zhanna Metallidi.
All three pieces having their UK première on Saturday 23rd November 2019.


Tau Wey


Tau Wey
Prize winning pianist
Head of Keyboard at Sevenoaks School





olga 1 croped


Olga Dudnik
Gold medallist
Award winning pianist





marina small


Marina Petrov
Award winning pianist
AGMA and AGPMF Managing Director




Maya St sava


Maya Jordan
Prize winning pianist
AGMA and AGPMF Artistic Director




For more info:

Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter October 2019


You are invited to
Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019 – 6th Annual Competition

The Study Society
Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

Saturday 23rd Nov 2019, 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 24th Nov 2019, 1.30 PM – 6 PM


Saturday 23rd Nov 2019
Piano Classes for Junior, 10 -12 AM
Piano workshop with Marina Petrov, 12 AM – 1 PM
Lunch Break 1 – 2 PM
Piano Classes for Junior and Piano Advanced Piano Duets, 2 – 6 PM

Sunday 24th Nov 2019
Piano classes for Junior, Adult Advanced and Adult Learner, 1.30 – 5 PM
Masterclass presented by Lola Perrin, 5 – 6 PM

* Please note that the organisers reserve the right to alter the programme schedule.


Saturday 23rd Nov 2019

‘Easing Tension in Performance’
Piano workshop with Marina Petrov

Marina Petrov will give additional comments to participants on different aspects of their performance concerning psychological, emotional or physical tensions, focusing on the mental process of playing as well as on various piano techniques and beyond.

Marina photo Marina is an award-winning classical pianist, piano educator, lecturer, occupational piano injury specialist and Managing Director and Co-founder of Around the Globe Music & Arts and AGPMF. She has over 30 years of experience in teaching junior and adult pianists, from beginners to highly advanced music professionals including classical, contemporary and jazz pianists. As a classically trained pianist, Marina has given over 300 piano performances including solo piano recitals since the age of 8 across the Balkan States, Eastern Europe and the UK.

More about Marina Petrov:

Sunday 24th Nov 2019

‘Significantus’: Composer’s Response to Climate Breakdown – Masterclass presented by Lola Perrin

Lola Perrin will present a unique masterclass where she will discuss her Piano Suite IX Significantus, which is a piano and spoken word project inspired by writings about the climate change. Extracts from the work will be played by the composer.
“Currently the target set by the Paris Agreement to keep the temperature rise to under two degrees will not be met because the rate at which we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions is too slow. . .
I created Significantus, a keyboard conversation about climate change, because I want to stimulate more people to talk about how we can increase our ambition to deal with global warming…”

Lola Newsletter Lola is a composer and pianist who has published nine piano suites and has two CDs on general release. She founded ClimateKeys in which scores of pianists are performing with guest speakers to engage audiences in talking about climate change across the world. She has performed extensively in the UK, in Europe and in the USA and her works for solo and multiple pianos are performed by concert pianists internationally. She works in live performance with a range of collaborators including authors, filmmakers and economists, scientists and other researchers.

More about Lola Perrin:


You may apply online at
By post sending a completed entry along with a cheque to:
AGPMF, 11 Fermor Way, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 3BD
Postal entry forms are available from AGPMF 2019 Brochure (p.19)
and online here.



Book your tickets in advance via email

Single ticket £15 – WHOLE DAY including WORKSHOP or MASTERCLASS!

Single ticket (40% Discount) £9 available to:
AGMA Members
Parents of the Participants
Piano Teachers of the Participants

Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter September 2019

We are happy to inform you that updated

is now available online for Junior and Adult piano categories including Adult Advanced and Adult Piano Learners.

There are wide range of classes to choose from for all level pianists.
The syllabus includes many different music styles, especially of modern music in SET PIECES in the WORLDWIDE CONTEMPORARY MUSIC and JAZZ piano.

In addition, through our syllabus we are endorsing great new books of composers of contemporary classical and jazz piano styles from the UK and other parts of Europe.

For more in-depth on our updated syllabus programme go to:
OR download AGPMF 2019 brochure

slika 1Popular scores for Intermediate levels for solo piano for both, Junior pianists and Adult Piano Learners categories include Hausmuzik and Music Map of Serbia by Vera Milanković and Hey Presto! by Marcel Zidani.

For Duets for 4 hands look into Snapchats and for solo piano Early Advanced,
consider No Words Necessary, both written by Melanie Spanswick.

For more info on where to purchase these books and/or listen to samples:

slika 2

Modern polyphonic styles are represented in The Little Polyphonic Book by Nailia Galiamova (grade 5 – 7) and the new Russian piano music style Inspirism, found in Piano Pieces by Vladimir Titov for players grade 7 and above.

slika 3 For Advanced pianist category there is a large selection of pieces to choose from the following opuses (any combination):
Significantus, Piano Suite 9 (Lola Perrin); Vignettes, piano pieces (Lindsey Berwin); Through the Looking Glass, Piano Suite Op. 8,(Vladimir Titov) and Presto, from the Impromptu piano suite (Ivan Brkljačić).

slika 4


For jazz styles we are introducing new books by Tim Richards including Blues, Boogie and Gospel Collection and Latin and Modern Collection suitable for various levels.

slika 6



You can also enjoy popular favourites from Solo Collection and Jazz Piano Studies 1 by John Kember.





Read more about these composers and their works in our Around the Globe Music Magazine 2019.



Around the Globe Music Magazine 2019 (p. 8, 9, 37); Brochure AGPMF 2019 (p. 8, 13).

Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter August 2019

We are pleased to announce that
Around the Globe Music Magazine Volume 2; Summer 2019                          (including brochure of the revised AGPMF Syllabus 2019)

cover photo

will be on sale at the following music shops in London:

Kensington Chimes SW7 and
Schott Music
Free online
at our website

Printed copy can be ordered on request by emailing us:
cover for newsletter








AGPMF 2019 – 6th Annual Competition for Pianists of All Levels and Age!

Updates to AGPMF Programme 2019

Saturday 23rd Nov 2019, from 10am – 6pm
Piano competition for Junior and Adult Advanced Categories
12pm Piano workshop with Marina Petrov
Easing Tension in Performance

AGPMF juror, pianist and tutor Marina Petrov will give additional comments to participants on different aspects of their performance including psychological, mental, emotional or physical tensions. She will present various techniques to each pianist on how to improve their public performances and enhance their enjoyment whilst playing.

More about Mrs Petrov’s profile:
More about on Advice for Pianists on Healthy Piano Techniques:

Marina sa studentima



Marina with her students after the Students’ Piano Recital at Jaques Samuels, London.




Sunday 24th Nov 2019, from 2pm – 6pm
Piano competition for Junior, Adult Advanced and Adult Learners Categories
5pm Masterclass presented by Lola Perrin
Significantus – a Composer’s Response to Climate Breakdown

Pianist and composer Lola Perrin presents a unique masterclass where she will discuss her Piano Suite IX Significantus, with insights into her thematic inspiration, methodology and the compositional challenges in communicating our existential threat. Extracts from the work will be played by the composer.

More about Lola Perrin

Lola Newsletter
“The single most powerful thing an individual can do about
climate change is to talk about it.” (George Marshall)
Significantus is a piano and spoken word project created by Lola Perrin.
Her latest piano suite, inspired by writings about climate change, is performed in collaboration with expert guest speakers (economists, lawyers, scientists, artists and other thinkers) and also features a conversation with the audience.


“Currently the target set by the Paris Agreement to keep the temperature rise to under two degrees will not be met because the rate at which we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions is too slow.

I created Significantus, a keyboard conversation about climate change, because I want to stimulate more people to talk about how we can increase our ambition to deal with global warming…”


More info:


Around the Globe Music & Arts Newsletter July 2019

Diary of Forthcoming Event

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2019
The 6th piano competition

Saturday 23 November 2019
10am – 6pm
Sunday 24 November 2019
2 – 6pm

The Study Society
Colet House
151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA

We are pleased to announce that this year our exciting AGPMF 2019 will consist of the piano competition for junior and adult pianists
as well as innovative additions such as workshops and masterclasses.

We will update you with further information and the syllabus later this summer.

New Piano Books from Melanie Spanswick

SnapchatsSnapchats are intended for students from late beginner standard to approximately Grade 4 (ABRSM level). There are 19 duets (four hands at one keyboard) and 4 trios (six hands at one keyboard) in this volume, and they are short, succinct pieces for those who want to explore the art of ensemble playing or simply improve sight-reading skills.
Broadly minimalist in style, these pieces are between 8 and 16 bars in length and they offer a wide selection of moods from expressive atmospheric works . . . Both duets and trios become progressively more difficult throughout the book. I wrote and use these duets and trios as the basis for my sight-reading classes . . .
You might choose to play Snapchats for fun with friends or perform them in a more formal setting at a music festival or recital, and I hope they offer a special and enjoyable experience.

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Play it againPlay it again: PIANO is a three-book piano course intended for those returning to the instrument after a break, or those who desire a graded, progressive piano course. Every piece in this series is accompanied by at least two full pages of easy-to-understand practice tips. There are more comprehensive Piano Technique and Theory/Warm-up sections at the front and back of each book, so you can also delve deeper for a fuller understanding of music and technique.
Book 3 consists of 11 piano pieces, the majority of which are drawn from standard repertoire (with emphasis on pedagogical works and those suitable for exams). Each piece contains up to 12 pages of practice ideas and tips, as well as many musical examples, diagrams and photographs. The layout is very similar to that of Book 1 and 2 . . .
As Book 3 is a much more advanced level than that of Book 1 and 2, the repertoire is classical and the book is geared towards those who want, or are possibly considering, taking post Grade 8 exams. It’s possible to create a suitable post grade 8 diploma (ARSM/DipLCM) or Associate Diploma (DipABRSM, ATCL, ALCM) programme entirely from this book.

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