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Newsletter March 2018


Diary of forthcoming events:

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival
Winners’ Piano Recital
Saturday, 19th May 2018, at 7 PM
St Mary Magdalene Church,
Munster Square, London NW1 3PT

Further announcements to be made.
Deadline for entries to participate is Monday 7th May 2018

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival
Sunday, 2nd December 2018, from 10 AM
The Study Society
Colet House,151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

Details to follow at the later date.

Previous events:

Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 7.30 PM
St Cyprian’s Church
Glentworth Street, London NW1 6AX

The launch of non- profit company
“Around the Globe Music & Arts”

With a concert production of
Contemporary Composers & the Piano
A non-profit company “Around the Globe Music & Arts” was launched with an extraordinary piano concert featuring performances by composers playing their own piano works in the restrained and beautiful setting of the turn-of-the-century St Cyprian’s church, near Baker Street in London.

Lola Perrin Concert

We much enjoyed hearing many diverse music styles including an authentic and exceptionally musical performance of Lola Perrin’s selection of pieces from her opus of piano suites, which bear traits of modern classical styles with emerging jazz elements.

Vesna i Vera concert

This was followed by UK premiere of the astonishing Shakespeare’s Sonnets, composed by Vera Milanković whose theatre piano music is full of beautiful archaic tunes and harmonies. In addition, a moving recitation by actress Vesna Stanojević of mainly love sonnets transferred us back in time to a baroque era.

Vera Milankovic concert

Vera’s other performance of a solo piano piece, homage to famous Serbian writer and poet Isidora Sekulić and her Norwegian Letters, was both inspirational and highly praised.

Grupna concert

Read more in Britić British Serb Magazine:


We would like to invite you to a launch of our new company
Around the Globe Music & Arts
It will take place at the fundraising concert
Contemporary Music & the Piano
Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 7.30 PM
St Cyprian’s Church
Glentworth Street, London NW1 6AX (Nearest station Baker St)

We will hear live performances of contemporary composers and piano music that our company is promoting through Around the Globe Piano Music Festival and beyond.

These include Lola Perrin, Vera Milanković and  Aleksander’s Vujić composition will be played by renowned pianist, Olga Dudnik. Guest performer: actress Vesna Stanojević. 

For info on booking tickets and the programme scroll down at the bottom of the page.

This event is a part of the 10th anniversary of Serbian Month in Great Britain.
Full programe available

Photo Lola Perrin by Abdul Hamid cropped Lola Perrin

Vera Milankovic Vera Milanković

Aca Vujic diriguje Aleksandar Vujić

olga 1 croped Olga Dudnik


Around the Globe Music & Arts

Non-profitable company registered in England and Wales No 11108427.

Over the years, Around the Globe Piano Music Festival has evolved outside the sphere of only piano competition. In order to continue fulfilling our aspirations in running various projects we found a need to create Around the Globe Music & Arts. It is established as non profitable company as is to advance the development of contemporary music as well as other form of arts in the UK and beyond. This will be achieved through informal and formal performing and educational activities such as cultural and educational events open to musicians of all ages and levels including children, amateurs and adult professionals. These will include organising festivals, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and lectures.

The Company will stage and run annual piano music competitions, aiming to promote various music styles including classical, jazz and contemporary piano music from around the world. The Company is committed to assist emerging talented musicians in advancing their music education that consequently will improve their career prospects and general well-being through enhanced employability. These include the engagement of pianists and contemporary composers from different cultural and economic backgrounds as well as socially disadvantaged musicians and other artists. The Company is eager to promote multicultural diversity through music arts to a wider audience, believing that its activities contribute towards a better cultural understanding, social cohesion and sustainable personal and societal development.
The Company’s aim is to raise awareness and introduce different musical heritages including worldwide contemporary piano music, which is largely influenced by diverse musical ethnic inheritance as well as other social forms around the world. Due to its unique focus on music education, performing values and high performing standards, the company will provide feedback from highly praised adjudicators’ with written and spoken assessment regarding each performance.

Other important activities would be focused on the endorsement of talented musicians and other artists, exceptional achievements of an individual or groups with appropriate recognition including awards, prizes and certificates. It will also organise other cultural events including concerts for prize winners as well as individuals with an exceptional talent, thus helping them to advance and establish better prospects for their music career. The Company strongly support social inclusion and equal rights in the society and will act upon these moral and ethical values.

The Company is run by our team including Marina Petrov, Maya Jordan, Vesna Petkovic and Gavin Burt. 



Concert Programme:

Lola Perrin                         
Piano Suite VI, Theory of K, (Lola Perrin, 2008)  

Vera Milanković                   
Piano music by Vera Milanković composed on Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Norwegian Letters by Serbian poet Isidora Sekulić
Performance by actress Vesna Stanojević

Olga Dudnik                         
Jewish Piano Suite, (Aleksandar Vujić, 2002)
RECEPTION  8.30 – 9.30 pm
Tickets £20, concession £17. Children under 12 – FREE!
Bookings available via or buy tickets at the door.
Donations and sponsorship appreciated.
Payment could be made to the account: Around the Globe Piano Music Festival, NatWest Bank, account number 65798554, sort code 51-50-01, ref. Guest name (IBAN GB47 NWBK 5150 0165 7985 54) or cheques could be sent to: 11 Fermor Way, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 3BD.

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival Newsletter November 2017

We are delighted to invite you to our piano festival on
Sunday, 19th November 2017
that will take place at The Study Society, East Studio, (the large room on the left as you enter the building), 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA.
The festival will run from 10 am till 8 pm.

We are pleased to announce that this year we have the highest number of entries in Junior and Adult Categories since the beginning of our innovative piano competition in 2014, which is aimed at pianists of all ages. There are going to be many performers coming from London as well as different parts of UK including Hertfordshire, Kent, East Sussex, Oxford, Durham, York and some will travel from as far as Singapore. We appreciate participants’ effort to travel to London and wish them a happy and safe journey to our event!

This year Junior Category Piano Classes will start with Contemporary Music at 10 am, and will run till 4 pm with a Lunch Break between 1-2 pm. There will be some great performances of contemporary and classical music styles throughout the festival including Adult Categories, which will be running from 4.10 pm till 8 pm.

We are looking forward to hear amazing and inspiring music by Lola Perrin, Phillip Glass, Melanie Spanswick, Vera Milankovic and Graham Fitkin as well as Liszt, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and many other composers in Recital Classes. In addition, we are especially excited and privileged to welcome renowned pianist Olga Dudnik, who is going to perform Jewish Suite by distinguished Serbian composer, the late Aleksandar Vujić.

To listen to Junior Winners 2016 visit AGPMF You Tube Channel:


Melanie Spanswick
pianist, composer, author and educator

Photo Melanie

Tau Way
pianist, teacher, Head of Keyboard at Sevenoaks School

Tau Wey

Marina Petrov
award winning pianist, pedagogue, author, occupational injury specialist

Marina photo

Maya Jordan
pianist, teacher, artistic director and promoter

Maya Jordan

Onlookers tickets available at the door for the whole day event.
Single ticket £10; Family ticket: £15 (two people)
Children not older than 12 years old – FREE!
Piano Teachers of participants – FREE!

Our project is open to innovative music minds and all who will support our ideals. We extend a warm welcome to all participants and their followers.

Maya Jordan & Marina Petrov
Copyright © 2017 Around the Globe Piano Music Festival, All rights reserved.
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Aca Vujic diriguje

With great sadness we would like to announce that Serbian composer, pianist and conductor Aleksandar Vujić passed away on September 6, 2017 in Belgrade after a long and serious illness. 

He left behind a large opus that was often inspired by Serbian archaic music including folk melodies and Christian Orthodox chorals. His compositional oeuvre comprises choral, chamber, piano, string and wind music, as well as symphonic and chamber orchestra works.
He will be remembered for his stunningly beautiful and spiritual choir music including Oče Naš (Serbian Prayer)
as well as for exploring using archaic tunes of Serbian folk dance Kolo (Reel Dance) in various music forms written for chamber and symphonic orchestras as well as solo piano and other ensembles.

His piano works are also remarkable including The Jewish Suite, Metamorphosis, Preludes, Argentinean Tango, Waltz and opuses of Piano Pieces. In addition, his inspirational, pianistically and musically challenging Three Pieces Op.83, are included in AGPMF 2017 Syllabus in Adult Category.

Short Biography

Prof. Aleksandar S. Vujić was an award winning composer of over 100 works. The exclusive publisher of Vujić’s choral works is Synkope-Verlag in Germany and his music has been printed in US, Italy, Hungary and Serbia. Vujić held a degree in composition, which was supervised by famous Serbian composers including Stanojlo Rajicić, Petar Ozgijan and Vasilije Mokranjac. He also graduated in conducting and holds MA degree in piano, all from the Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Music. Throughout the four years of his study he was given the best student of his generation award. His work has been recognized worldwide, by the US government by honouring him with the Zoltan Kodaly Award (1983) and by Israel with the State Order of Israel Award (1988). Furthermore, he won first and third prize at the International Robert Schumann Choral Competition in Zwickau (1995) as well as gold medals for choral composition at Busan, South Korea (2002) and the International Choir Competition in Budapest (2009). He was the founder, leader and conductor of Sinfonietta chamber orchestra and Madrigal Choir of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. In addition, he was the principal conductor of Djakon Avakum Chamber Choir, Baruch Brothers Choir and Iuventus Cantat, as well as the president of the Union of Serbian Choirs at home and abroad.” 


Sunday, 19th November 2017, from 10am to late
The Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

Entries must be received no later than
Tuesday 31st October 2017
Please, come and join us for this amazing and inspirational event.
For more info and how to apply refer to our new AGPMF Magazine 2017.

Application forms available for AGPMF participants for

Full syllabus & fees include exciting new classes, modified contemporary programme as well as performances’ maximum length and latest fees.

Download Music Scores from the web page that includes all music manuscripts and links for the Worldwide Contemporary Music – Compulsory Pieces for Piano Solo and ensemble classes for Junior & Adult Categories.



AGPMF MAGAZINE printingWe are happy to announce that our new Around the Globe Piano Music Magazine 2017 FREE TO THE PUBLIC is ready for distribution.

This innovative new magazine contains interesting articles on contemporary piano works and their composers including reviews and updates on the festival syllabus.

You can download AGPMF magazine 2017 HERE


Preface to contemporary composers
or Compulsory Piano Music Classes


Photo MelanieMelanie Spanswick @

British composer, pianist, educator and author. Her music focuses on various sound worlds which are often associated with Minimalism. The pieces proposed for the category are from her books Piano Waves and Digressions.

To listen to the pieces
From Piano Waves:
Seahorse Dream
Ocean Surge

From Digressions:


To purchase piano scores go to:

Vera MilankovicProf. Vera Milanković

Multitalented Serbian composer, pianist, pedagogue and organizer of educational events.
Fascinated by traditional Serbian music, she has written many authentic arrangements for piano, voice and ensembles for various instruments. Apart from her large opus for solo piano, Vera composed two piano concertos that were publicly highly praised.

The collection of piano miniatures No 1, 3 & 5, from her opus Music Map Of Serbia are proposed for the category. You can download the music scores free of charge from AGPMF web site:

Photo Lola Perrin by Abdul Hamid croppedLola Perrin @

American born, London-based composer, pianist, collaborator, piano teacher, Composer in Residence at Markson Pianos, has published nine piano suites and has two CDs on general release.
Performs as a solo artist, also in collaboration with filmmakers, authors, artists and other pianists.

To listen to the pieces
From Piano Suite VIII: part 6
The Arrival

From Piano Suite IV: part  1
Music from Fragile Light Spaces“>

From Piano Suite II: part 2
The man in the black hat below is probably sleeping

You can purchase piano scores from via our web site as well at:


More about Lola Perrin on Wikipedia at

To listen to
Piano Suite I “Early Sunday Morning”

Before Sleep
For four hands

To purchase piano scores or downloads go to: OR

Aca Vujic dirigujeProf. Aleksandar S. Vujić @

An award winning Serbian composer, conductor and pianist. His compositional oeuvre comprises over 100 works including choral, chamber, symphonic works and instrumental music for piano, violin, cello as well as various ensembles.

To listen to
Three Piano Pieces Op.83

Serbian Reel Dance (Srpsko Kolo)
For Four hands

To download piano scores FREE OF CHARGE make a request to AGPMF via email


Around the Globe Piano Music Festival in November 2017
This year the festival will take place at the Study Society, Colet House, Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA on Sunday, 19th November 2017 from 10 AM till late.

Please, come and join us for this amazing and inspirational event.
For more info and how to apply refer to our new AGPMF Magazine 2017.

Markson Piano Concert Series – Wednesday at 7 PM, 26th July 2017,
Solo Piano Recital by John Bailey

Professional pianist John Bailey is a multiple AGPMF winner for 3 consecutive years. He will be performing music of various styles including Ravel and Chopin as well as contemporaries such as Lola Perrin and Ognjen Bogdanović. More recently he has completed a fellowship diploma (FRSM) in classical piano performance specialising in the music of Ravel and has been studying piano with Prof. Marina Petrov for several years.

Since 2010, Markson Concert Series are hosting a wide range of musical events. These include classical & Jazz recitals, poetry, dance and contemporary music.
For more info on the venue go to:

More info on London’s famous piano store Markson Pianos and its showrooms and services at:

Piano contest for performers of any age


The Around the Globe Piano Music Festival is an annual piano performing contest that is running in London for its third year. It is created for Junior and Adults pianists of different levels including professional artists with no age limit. The categories represent various music styles including classical, contemporary and jazz.

‘Pianist’ by Dusan Rajsic, Fine Art Escape

The festival is organised by award winning pianists and educators, Marina Petrov and Maya Jordan, in collaboration with Markson Pianos and with a support of Composers’ Association of Serbia. There are also strong ties with Fine Art Escape gallery, Sun Recordings & Branco Stoysin, Global Media Publishing as well as Chimes Music and Brittens music shops.

The focus of our project is in promoting contemporary piano composers from all around the world that are less well known in the UK. We aim to encourage young pianists to perform new repertoire, learn about modern composers and have better understanding of the diverse musical trends throughout different world regions. The main goal of AGPMF is a to introduce pianists, educators and audiences to a wider range of contemporary styles that are not regularly performed, contributing to Britain’s multicultural society with artistic enrichment within London’s busy music scene. Our festival is a great platform for emerging artists who can share their music achievements with others and gain performance experience in playing publicly.

THE VENUE: The Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

DATE & TIME: Sunday 20th November 2016, from 10 AM all day.

PIANO SPONSORS: Yamaha C3 is sponsored by Markson Pianos


ENTRIES: You can apply online OR via post by completing the application form contained in the festival brochure or on website

TICKETS FOR ONLOOKERS: Single ticket £10; Family ticket £15 (two people).
*Children not older than 12 years – FREE! ** Piano teachers of the participants – FREE!

St Magdalene Church, London NW1



For more info on advertising in AGPMF 2017 brochure contact:

There are many categories to choose from and awards to be won for all participants. Players are encouraged to enter more categories for enhancement of different pianistic styles performance. Participants are able to make multiple entries for different piano categories. They are also able to make multiple entries for the same class but with different repertoire.


For Junior (16 years old and under) and Adults (17 years old and above):

  • Contemporary Music – Trophy to be awarded
    To include pieces written not before 1950;
    Various classes throughout the world regions
  • Contemporary Music Compulsory Piece(s) – Special prizes to be awarded
    Choices of pieces and composers for junior pianists:
    *Vera Milanković (Serbian), from Map of Serbia and *Lola Perrin (American), from Piano Suite II & IV
    Choices of pieces and composers for adult pianists:
    *Alfred Schnittke (Russian) from Six Preludes 1953/54; *Vasilije Mokranjac (Serbian) from Six Dances; Lennox Barkley (British) from Preludes Op.23
  • Jazz Free Choice – Special prizes to be awarded
  • Recital Classes – Medals for Junior and Trophy for Adults, + Music vouchers to be awarded
    To include contrasting pieces of different styles and periods; various classes depending on participant’s age.
  • Grade Repertoire (Music Voucher to be awarded)
    To include one or two pieces from any UK examination board syllabus; various classes depending on participant’s age for Junior.


  • Free Choice Classes
    To include one or more pieces; various classes
  • Piano Duet


  • Free Choice of traditional classical styles – ADVANCED
    To include pieces written before 1950
    To include one or more pieces

* Compulsory piano pieces scores available on the AGPMF website:
or request via email:



Around the Globe Piano Music Festival committee contacts:
Maya Jordan+44 (0)7984857355; Marina Petrov +44(0)7734204252;
Address: AFPMF, 11 Fermor Way, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 3BD